R2S Mosaic

R2S Mosaic is the next generation of the award-winning asset integrity and management solution. Based on the same principle as previous R2S software, many new features and functionality have been incorporated based on the feedback of the worldwide user base.

Why 'Mosaic'?

'Mosaic' encapsulates the concept of creating a much bigger picture by bringing together multiple sources of diverse knowledge. This integration capability enables R2S to build a comprehensive overview of complex assets and operations, which broadens and strengthens understanding.


R2S is continually evolving to address the challenges of developing markets. As well as expanding the scope and capabilities of the software, R2S Mosaic addresses user experience, reliability and scope for further advancements. As industries become more competitive and efficiency-driven, R2S grows ever smarter and more appropriate - defined, as always, by the needs of the customers and end users.

Technology Highlights

PDMS Integration Icon
3D Integration

Overlay plant design management software information on images to quickly compare ‘as built’ with ‘as is’.

Advanced Photogrammetry

Take measurements of objects and areas in images with greater ease.

Multiple Data Sets

Use R2S to manage and access all visual data and information.

Auto-placement of Hotspots

Save time populating the R2S Project by using auto-placed hotspots and equipment tags.

V0 Solution

Tailor R2S to specific requirements using its new plug-in architecture, which increases integration with information management systems.

Live Data Feeds

Pull information from external systems to display remote data captured in real-time.

Intelligent Search

Search projects, linked media and databases from within R2S, using filters and previews to improve the quality of search results.


View the R2S Project in the field on devices such as ATEX-rated tablets.

Features & Benefits

3D Integration

A major new feature of R2S Mosaic is the integration of plant design management software, allowing ‘as built’ models to be viewed as overlays on ‘as is’ photography. R2S users wanted to make detailed comparisons between the original design and current status of infrastructure, so that potential discrepancies and issues could be quickly highlighted and addressed.

Multiple Data Sets

R2S can import a range of visual data from sources including photographs, laser scan surveys, drone footage, 3D models and reports. The ability to include all visual data into R2S gives an information rich, visual walk through of any area captured and data such as tags, reports and presentations allow the user to gain a deeper understanding of any asset or item of equipment.

Live Data Feeds

Another key addition to R2S Mosaic is the ability to link to external systems and pull data from multiple sources. Now, as well as viewing environments from remote locations, users can click on valves and meters to see a real-time reading, or on CCTV cameras to view footage. This has incredible potential for turning R2S Mosaic into an information portal through which any existing data source can be safely accessed and analysed.

Auto-placement of Hotspots

Whilst the option to drag and drop hotspots remains, they can now be automatically placed thanks to the added spatial information provided by R2S Mosaic. Combined with the added ability to link to external systems, users can quickly import, place and update information and data from multiple sources.

Intelligent Search

The search function of R2S Mosaic is far more user-friendly and intuitive, with filters and previews. In addition, plug-ins for different information management software types allows R2S to search across all software and systems, offering users the ability to quickly locate any and all information required to do the job.


Tailor R2S to specific requirements using its new plug-in architecture, which increases integration with information management systems.

“We needed something that would help us save precious bed space onboard our offshore platforms. Non-critical operations staff were an issue: surveyors, trainees and planners all had to wait their turn but took up valuable space on helicopters and onboard that would be better spent with operations and maintenance staff. We initially looked at 3D laser scanning but that proved too expensive.

R2S came to us from the forensic world and immediately caught our eye as something that would give us the perspective we needed to plan our activities...We have saved millions in journeys to platforms in the past few years alone.”
“R2S has significantly improved collaboration and efficiencies between Chevron Upstream Europe (CUE), key vendors and offshore.

The primary tool for undertaking preliminary engineering studies and explaining to all parties what is proposed.”

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